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  • A positive mentor relationship

  • Gain self-confidence, self -esteem, and self-awareness.

  • Relationship building (siblings, friends, family, and community.)

  • Behind the business tours

  • Academic support and tutoring available

  • Guest Speakers

  • Internships

  • Field trips

  • Scholarship opportunities

  • Study circles

  • Leading ladies bank

  • Tutoring and mentoring

  • Guest speakers

  • Business / College tours

  • Cultural awareness and enrichment activities

  • Job shadowing

  • Community service

  • Parental Involvement

Benefits for the Leading Ladies 


Benefits For The Parents 

  • Positive experiences and academic support for your daughter.

  • Improvements in your daughter’s attitude

  • Someone in addition to you to motivate, inspire, challenge, support and uplift your daughter.

  • Tools to help your daughter make healthy choices.

  • Information, resources, and insight for both you and your daughter

  • Introduction to  workforce and college opportunities to your daughter

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