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Education and Career Development

Our Education and Career Development program at Leading Ladies Inc. is designed to provide comprehensive support and opportunities for  young ladies to explore educational pathways, gain valuable career insights, and pursue their professional aspirations.

We organize college tours to expose program young ladies to various post secondary education options and help them envision their future academic paths. These tours typically include visits to local colleges, universities, and vocational schools, where young ladies have the opportunity to explore campus facilities, interact with current students and faculty, and learn about academic programs, extracurricular activities, and campus resources. College tours inspire young ladies to set ambitious educational goals, pursue higher education opportunities, and take proactive steps towards achieving their academic aspirations.

 We partner and collaborate with partners who offer career and certification programs to equip program young ladies with specialized skills and credentials that are in-demand in today's job market. 

We organize behind the business tours to provide young ladies with firsthand exposure to different industries, workplaces, and career pathways. These tours offer young ladies the opportunity to visit local businesses, organizations, and companies, where they can meet with professionals, tour facilities, and learn about various job roles, career trajectories, and industry trends. Behind the business tours give young ladies valuable insights into the day to day operations of different industries, help them explore potential career interests, and inspire them to pursue their professional goals with confidence and determination.

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