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Welcome to Leading Ladies Inc.

LEADING LADIES INC. is a 501c3 Nonprofit mentoring organization with a mission to  empower young ladies to know their worth and propel them to grow as individuals while providing positive experiences and academic support. Leading Ladies Inc. has served over 600 young ladies within the Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Leading Ladies is a bi-weekly to monthly discussion group for young ladies with the overall goal is to assist young ladies in developing the ability to make healthy choices at school, at home, and in their community.

Leading Ladies has four core program areas


Character and Leadership Development

Workshops that center around healing inner wounds, facing decisions & challenges, getting a new attitude, loving yourself, conflict resolution, self-esteem/self- confidence building, creating abundance in your life, stepping into your greatness, and short/long term goal setting. Mental health workshops and counseling that promote healthy living.


​Education and Career Development

 College tours to 2yr and 4yr colleges and Universities, Financial aid workshops, 21st Century education, scholarship support. Behind the business tours allow the young ladies to meet the owners of companies and see and learn about different careers and what it takes to maintain the businesses they see. Examples (restaurants, hotels, businesses etc.). Job readiness training and career training.


Life Skills and Financial Empowerment

Learning cooking, and sewing skills, etiquette and entrepreneurship workshops. Partnerships with banks to provide the young ladies with financial literacy education and training that will allow for them to open savings accounts and parents the opportunity to open 529 college savings account.


Enrichment and Community Service Experience

 Cultural awareness and enrichment activities such as trips that provide education on culture, and opportunities. Community service

Leading Ladies Inc. is grateful for the support of our sponsors and partners. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact us.

Our Sponsors and Partners

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